KEP Italia Helmet Liners round or oval CRX.PAD00

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The inner lining of KEP Italia helmets corresponds to the individual size of the rider. There are 12 linings/sizes, of which the first eight (from 51 to 58) fit helmets size M (medium), whilst the remaining four (from 59 to 62) fit helmets size L (large). The inner lining is a very important part of the helmet, as the correct fit on the head of the rider depends on it being of the right thickness. KEP Italia’s inner lining comes in one piece and is easily removed and repositioned inside the helmet. It can be washed by hand in cold water or in the machine at 30°C. The lining is made from Coolmax®, a fabric that uses an innovative fibre that keeps temperatures cool and facilitates skin hydration, simultaneously rapidly removing moisture (very quick-drying). The fact that the lining corresponds to the rider’s head size means that riders who alternate between wearing their hair loose or tied up can use two interchangeable linings of different sizes. This also applies to children who change head size during the growing period. Parents can buy the next size up and replace the lining that has become too tight, without having to look for a new helmet. And, in consideration of the fact that the correct fit of the helmet is fundamental to proper protection of the rider’s head, KEP Italia has developed a series of linings specifically designed for oval-shaped, round or narrow heads. KEP Italia linings are available in black (included with all KEP Italia helmets), beige (included with certain models with colour-coordinated detail and available on request for all helmets), in the endurance version (with the part at the nape of the neck in micro-perforated mesh) and the winter version (with added ear protection and neck roll).


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