Find the Right Bit for Your Horse, Neue Schule Bits

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Find the Right Bit for Your Horse, Neue Schule Bits

Ever wonder why your horse toss’s his head and evades the bit? It could influence your ride and your horse’s way of going. When you have the proper bit it makes the world of difference! It is so important to find the right bit for your horse. That is why I became a dealer for Neue Schule bits!

My own horse Modico is very sensitive. He was evading the contact and tossing his head. I contacted the company and explained my issue. Florence one of the trained bit fitters for Neue Schule recommended the Tacto Turtle D-ring bit for my horse. It made a world of difference! My horse was more accepting of the bit and steadier in the contact too.

NEUE SCHULE USA is the exclusive United States and Canadian distributor for Neue Schule Bits. What sets the brand apart is its focus on progressive and creative innovation, comfort, and high standards.                                                                                                                       

NEUE SCHULE USA’S  philosophy is rooted in Mette Larsen’s vision for successful riding, driven by her love for horses. As the president of this modern equestrian business, Mette’s commitment is to distribute the Neue Schule brand to the equestrian community so that everyone has the opportunity to discover the most comfortable bits for our horses….making for both es and their riders.

If you are having contact issues, listen to your horse and check to be sure your bit is the right one to fit his or her needs and fit your need for that discipline you are riding.

To help you find the right bit for your horse, check out Neue Schule bits selection tool. Then stop in and see me at Cheshire Equestrian Center.

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