There’s something magical about the bond between horse and rider. It’s a partnership going back thousands of years. You can experience the magic this weekend. You can enjoy it for a lifetime. I love horses. In fact, I love the whole experience. This love for horses and riding led me to fulfill a lifelong dream. You can share my dream with a visit to Cheshire Equestrian Center.

Harley, my trail riding quarter horse, and I have been together for more than 20 years. I swear he can read my mind. Sometimes he knows better than I the best path forward. He is always happy to see me. Of course, I enjoy our time together too. In our way we love each other.

Cheshire Equestrian Center Carol DiCarlo with her trail riding horse Harley in the barn. Carol says I love horses!
Harley and I, friends for more than 20 years. I love horses!

My dressage horse Modico is a training partner. This big Andalusian and I spend lots of time together. We work hard. Our coach is demanding. The work is precise. We must cooperate to perform the precise motions required. Modico is not as easy as Harley, but works hard to please me. I am convinced he enjoys the praise and blue ribbons more than I.

Cheshire Equestrian Center Owner Carol DiCarlo mounted on her dressage horse Modico.
Modico and I work hard on dressage training and competition.

Tack and clothing make the experience

I’ve always loved the whole experience of gear for both horse and rider. For the horse I love the smell of leather, the feel of a well-fitting saddle, the beauty of bridle and reins. For me, I’ve always enjoyed having stylish clothing, jackets, boots, pants, helmet, gloves. There’s a whole fashion that’s wonderfully unique to those of us who ride. I look forward to one day earning my shad belly.

Like any athletic wear, fashion follows function. The great thing about riding clothing is that it looks good and works well too. My CT equestrian center has gear for riding in all seasons and all weather. You will find that proper gear makes every ride better. In this way, your ride lasts longer and is more comfortable. Instead of thinking about being cold or hot, wet or dry, you can love the ride. My CT equestrian center carries a great selection for people.

Even if you do not ride horses, the style and function of riding gear is perfect for country style so popular in Connecticut. Visit my Cheshire store for a great selection of jackets, vests, boots, gloves and more.

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Everything for horse and rider at Cheshire Equestrian Center. I love horses!

Tack Matters Too

Proper fitting and functioning tack makes it easier to love the ride. It is better for your horse too. As all riders know, happy horses make for better rides. Love conquers all. But it is hard to ride all day on a poorly fitting saddle. It’s bad for you. It can hurt your horse. I carry a great selection of consignment saddles. In the same fashion, my store stocks a variety of products to care for your tack. I highly recommend the soaps and conditioners from Warhorse.

Because I ride, I am particularly sensitive to the value of good tack and gear. I understand the ergonomics of saddles, blankets, stirrups, bridles, reins and more. Most of the products in my CT tack shop I have tested on the trail. I work hard to source the best and most popular brands.

Of course style is important too. One of the fun things about riding horses is the many types of horses, riders and styles. I love traditional tack and also the bright colors and high tech materials of the new gear.

I Love Horses! If You Do Too Please Visit

Please look through my website for more information about my dream come true: a wonderful CT tack shop and CT equestrian center. For the love of horses and riding, I created a store and collection of clothing, tack, horse supplies and so much more. It is there for you. It is there for the love of horses. I look forward to meeting you at Cheshire Equestrian Center.